Short Hiatus

I have a new job lined up as an “official” Systems Administrator that I will be starting here shortly, so the posts may be a little light in the next month or so, plus I haven’t had any really good ideas for topics (so if you have something you would like to see, let me know). Hopefully with this new job I will get some fresh new challenges and be able to blog about how I solved them or get ideas for other future posts.

This new position will be focused primarily on Windows and Network administration so I can foresee posts in the future focusing more heavily on those sorts administration aspects although I do have some Linux plans for my own personal knowledge in the works right now which I can’t wait to write about either.

As for now, keep checking back. If the site is down its probably because I’m in the middle of moving or haven’t gotten my new internet connection set up. Once I’m all settled in I will start cranking out the posts again. If you have something cool you would like to share I would love to post it here for you, so let me know about that as well.

Josh Reichardt

Josh is the creator of this blog, a system administrator and a contributor to other technology communities such as /r/sysadmin and Ops School. You can also find him on Twitter and Facebook.