josh reichardt


Hello and welcome.  My name is Josh Reichardt and this is my blog.

I currently work as an engineer on all things infrastructure and DevOps at about.me.  I love designing and building simple and scalable systems.  Some of my recent interests include building Docker, Rancher and other distributed systems, as well as automating infrastructure with code and scripting.

This site is primarily a place for me to take notes on projects that I am working on or to put tech things that I find interesting.  I try to publish only the unique and interesting tidbits that I discover along my journey.

The posts that I write here are mostly for myself but I also like to help people.  I have found that the best way to help is just to write and not worry about the outcome, because the chances are good that others will eventually stumble into some of these topics and issues that I discover.

I recently moved to Oregon with my wife and we love it here so far.  Previously I attended the University of Iowa and then worked for an insurance company in Iowa where I learned a lot of the ins and outs of network and system administration.

If you want to connect on the internets you can find me on Twitter, or Github, or Facebook or email.  Feel free to reach out.